Steam & Sauna


The world is a busy place, right? We go to work, we pick up the kids, we take them to activities, we might do some work from home, we’ve got our families to look after and also need to maintain social connections. We can always make time for the gym, but does it sometimes feel like you’re rushing in and out just to get that workout done in between other responsibilities?

Well, if you’re leaving the gym and not feeling super-relaxed, we’ve got a solution for you. Our steam and sauna rooms can be the much-needed relief after an intensive workout. Relax your muscles and unwind with our sauna in Wellington. Not only are our Wellington steam rooms awesome for your state of mind after a big workout, but there are plenty of physical benefits too!


If you’re always walking out of the gym feel sore, with tight muscles and aching joints, there is a way you can take some of that stress away. Of course, the old saying of ‘no pain, no gain’ is true – you want your body to feel like you’ve worked hard and pushed towards your goals. But does that mean you can’t relax straight after? Not at Exodus Gym!

When you take some time to relax in our sauna and steam rooms, the warmth opens up the pores of your skin. This helps in removing toxins and creating a flow of perspiration which helps cleanse your skin and relieve your muscles.

To cool off further, watch TV or read from a selection of magazines in the Sauna and Steam Room lounge/wet area.
This is your cocoon; a moment away from the stress and rush of your hectic lifestyle. You’ve done the hard work, now it’s time for the easy part.

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