Maybe you were running too fast. Maybe your body just can’t keep up with what your mind tells you. Either way, at Cross Physio & Pilates, we understand the frustration and setback that injuries create. Injuries can slow you down, take you away from exercise altogether, or even put you at risk of further injuries if you keep going without proper rehab.

The team at Cross Physiotherapy & Pilates promote health, injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in central Wellington. Our clinical expertise and multi-faceted treatment options result in a world class rehabilitation service, and our approach makes us trusted by Olympic athlete Steven Adams, professional sports teams and national sporting bodies.


When you’re on your health and fitness journey, injuries can be a setback, but they aren’t uncommon. Often, we’re pushing our bodies to do things they haven’t done before, or at least in a very long time. It’s inevitable that we’ll experience a few strains along the way. The problem is, if minor injuries aren’t dealt with and treated correctly, things can get a lot worse.

Many muscle-related injuries can be avoided by using proper technique, or appropriately strengthening before taking on too much of a workload. Whether you’re already injured or you just need some help getting ready to safely increase your workouts, the team at Cross Physio & Pilates is here to help.


Cross Physio in Wellington CBD recently became the only Physiotherapy clinic in NZ ratified by an NBA franchise. The clinic is ACC accredited, and each physiotherapist is registered with the Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand. With world class programmes, an excellent relationship with the wider sports medicine community, and highly qualified practitioners, you can count on the best services.

Contact Cross Physiotherapy & Pilates on (04) 894 2161 and speak with a member of the staff, or email us at

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