Our Team

Whatever your reason for joining a gym, it’s a good one. That’s why we have a vibrant team on hand to introduce and direct the first stages you take in making a difference in your life.

These consultants will be your training wheels as they guide you through your first steps at the club.

Whether you are just wanting to give the Exodus experience a try, have questions or want to join the movement, these individuals will ensure you know how to maximise the premier experience Exodus has to offer and customise a package to suit your health and fitness needs.

You can contact our Membership Consultants for more information about our pricing, and check out the packages we have on offer to suit you.

Our Trainers are also an energetic, enthusiastic bunch who have a love of health and fitness. They can work with you individually and set you on a fast track to achieve all your fitness goals. Get in touch today with one of our personal trainers and get started!

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