Circuit Training



The perfect storm of heart pumping cardio and muscle burning strength exercises. If you manage to attend one of these classes per week as part of your workout regime you will be on the fast-track to the body you want.

ExoCircuit is a circuit style class which incorporates cardio and strength training, as well as core and abdominal exercises. ExoCircuit uses a combination of body weight exercises as well as fitness equipment to give you a workout that is efficient and effective, toning and defining your muscles.

The class is suitable for any fitness level. You can work to your own ability throughout the whole class.

There are 8 stations that consist of your 1st Round. Stations alternate between cardio specific and strength specific. You will then start on a station with up to 3 others. Abdominal conditioning focuses on strengthening the core muscles, then a cool down and stretch finishes off a 45 minute circuit blast.


ExoCircuit is designed as an individual workout, but there’s always plenty of people around you sweating it out at working hard. It’s a great class to attend with a friend, because you can go through your whole fitness journey together. We have to warn you though, ExoCircuit is a high intensity workout designed to really get your blood pumping. So, you won’t have time to stand around and chat!
Working out with a friend though, is a great way to stay motivated and keep pushing each other to achieve your goals.


Building strength | Aerobic fitness | Muscle co-ordination | Improves Agility and Balance


You will need to come along in comfortable gym gear that is easy to move in. A drink bottle and towel are also highly recommended. All other equipment will be provided- you’ll be using: hurdles, skipping ropes, speed ladders, steps, dumbbells, kettle bells, powerbags and much more!